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In April 2024, the renowned MICHELIN Guide introduces an exciting addition: the MICHELIN Key. While the prestigious MICHELIN Star has long celebrated exceptional restaurants globally, the MICHELIN Key now shines a spotlight on remarkable hotels.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of this innovative distinction.

Which hotels qualify for a MICHELIN Key?

Every hotel featured in the MICHELIN Guide is eligible. Over the past four years, The MICHELIN team of independent experts has meticulously assessed and curated over 5,000 exceptional hotels for inclusion in their collections. Each hotel has been chosen for its exceptional quality. From this extensive selection, those offering the most exceptional experiences will be granted the prestigious MICHELIN Key distinction.

Is The MICHELIN Key equivalent to The Michelin Star?

Yes, just as the MICHELIN Star acknowledges restaurants for exceptional cuisine, the MICHELIN Key acknowledges hotels for
extraordinary accommodations.

Five universal criteria need to be applied when awarding MICHELIN Stars to restaurants, and the same goes when evaluating hotels:
excellence in architecture and interior design, consistency and quality of service, distinct personality and character, value for the price, and a significant contribution to the local neighborhood or environment.

MICHELIN Key hotels surpass expectations across all these criteria, making them stand out as the pinnacle of excellence in each category.

Do MICHELIN Key Hotels feature MICHELIN Star restaurants?

Not necessarily. The hotel and restaurant selection processes are separate, and decisions regarding the Star and the Key are made independently. However, it’s feasible for a MICHELIN Star restaurant to be located within a MICHELIN Key Hotel.

Do MICHELIN Key hotels stand out as the priciest hotel choices?

Not necessarily. The MICHELIN Guide hotel selection encompasses a diverse array of over 5,000 establishments worldwide, catering to various tastes and budgets. Whether you seek vibrant urban hubs or tranquil retreats, cutting-edge architectural marvels or historic gems, the selection offers something for everyone. From castles to hostels, tents to ryokans, sprawling skyscraper accommodations to intimate hideaways within ancient landmarks, all are eligible to earn a coveted MICHELIN Key.


Starting in 2024, MICHELIN Keys will be announced in batches by country. On Monday, April 8th, the MICHELIN Guide will begin with the announcement of the list of Keys in France.